SALES? no, but TALK Radio!


Monday afternoon—message on answering machine:

Hi this is a message for Flora. My name is Andrea and I am calling from BBC Coventry/Warwickshire and am interested in talking to Flora on our show tomorrow about her cat hair jewelry. I am hoping to speak to you on our show at 20 past four, UK time or 20 past eight in the morning over there in San Francisco. Love to chat with you on the show! Cheers Flora, Bye!

Radio. Well, this month I was on national television (Animal Planet, Anderson Cooper), no, world wide television! and two times too! But, what can I say, I expected at least a couple of sales! No sales. I mean, come on now, we’re talking about cat hair jewelry! sounds a bit strange, come to think about it, doesn’t it? OK, OK, time to regroup. What to do? . . . Put one of the most profound teachings of the Wise Cat Sage into practice!, and that is: just this, just now. OHMMMMM….

Wise Cat Sage meditating on meaning of  NOW

Part of being here and now is knowing that any process—and that really means this process of living our life—is not linear: it is circular, it is organic, as well as unpredictable. I really do not know what is going to happen next, and that necessarily is not a bad thing! Stay the course, is what I can do. And what is that?: be true to my art, be true to my love. I can also watch for those road signs that will keep my course on track.

Another thing: the new and different is controversial, especially in the beginning. Think: Shock of the New. So, cat hair jewelry is off the radar for most people, for now, but not for long!


Would you believe?…SALES!

I had my shop on Etsy for less than a year and only one item sold—a card—for $12 and to a friend. There were lots of my metallic microsculptures on view but only four cat hair necklaces.

Out of the blue it happened, a SALE!  And not one of my metallic necklaces BUT one of my quirky but elegant cat hair necklaces!!! The necklace was the second piece I made from cat hair and it sold to a lady in the Bay Area for $130. This happened at the end of June.

Then, another SALE!! On October 1st, the day after the TODAY Show’s “Things That Make You Go Hmm”, I sold not the featured necklace, but this beautiful necklace to a lady in Indiana for $220.

AND Another!!!  On November 4th the featured necklace on the TODAY show sold to a lady in Michigan, it’s price—$95.

Thanks internet!——————Because there IS a market for jewelry made from cat hair and metal!