A new cat hair necklace.

Elegant simplicity and fun.

First. Start with handfuls of Gaia the Ragamuffin’s meringue beautiful hair. Roll into tightly formed orbs. Five is a nice number.

Next. Add sparkling sea green wire. Twist wire around and around and around a stick. Voila! A spirally tube of wire.


Last. Find the cat. He is the best model.


Biscuits & PURRS

Or, that kneading thing cats do with their paws!

What IS he doing anyway?

We like to say he is making biscuits for our breakfast. Or, is he kneading dough, only to surprise us later with freshly baked raisin bread? What a clever boy! Hmm, only, we have never tasted the biscuits nor the bread. Oh well, I love watching him to his thing, purring sweetly too, and who knows, someday he may surprise us, in the middle of the night? with oven fresh croissants? That will be the day!

Count Down . . . 25 Days . . . then Gaia and Flora’s segment airs on Animal Planet’s Must Love Cats !

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