newspaper balls ! ! !

And more of Meow’s favorite things! Newspaper balls.

Meow’s a simple boy

Who loves a simple toy.

If it moves

His energy grooves.

Rolled up paper runs like prey

Catch it! Jump it! Fling it–this way!

Ripped and chewed

Ravaged trophies strewn.

There he lies

Sleeping off exhaustion—by and by.

> * * <

sleep time

One of Meow’s favorite things: Sleep time.

My kitty cat he loves to doze,

and when he does his eyes aren’t closed.

And if my chance he falls asleep?

His stream of dreams? They aren’t of sheep!

> ‘ ‘ < A new children’s picture book is in the making . . .

. . . The star? No other than the famous flame-point Ragamuffin cat Gaia. I based the storyline on “My Favorite Things,” a show tune from the 1959 Rodgers and Hammerstein musical The Sound of Music. .  .

Meow’s Favorite Things—A Christmas Song

Playtime or sleeptime and tuna at mealtime

Bright sunny spots and maybe a nap time

Bright x-mas packages tied up with strings

These are a few of meow’s favorite things

>”<    >”<   >”<   >”<    >”< 

Cream-colored blankets and crisp little crunchies

Petting and brushing and tuna as munchies

Wild little birdies that fly bye-bye on wings

These are a few of meow’s favorite things

>”<    >”<   >”<   >”<    >”< 

Lying in lap-e while petting my back-e

Tuna that sticks to my paw and my nose-e

Newspaper balls and toys with a spring

These are a few of meow’s favorite things

>”<    >”<   >”<   >”<    >”< 

When the dog barks

When the dish empties

When meow’s feeling hun-gry

Meow simply remembers meow’s favorite things

Then meow don’t feel so bad ! ! !

>”<    >”<   >”<   >”<    >”<