Full Flavor Bouquet*

Today is your BIRTHDAY! and a Happy Birthday to YOU Gaia! 

Gaia has reached his prime, his most deliciousness, for today, April 16, Gaia is four years old! and, as Ragamuffins go, Mr. kitty kat is all grown up!

Baby Gaia. His eyes not yet open.

Such a awkward and adorable little kitten!

A wild adolescent, and not even four months old!

Gaia’s beauty shot at ten months, and what a big stud tail!

>”<    Now, here he is today, at his full flavor bouquet!    >”<

And, what does Gaia want for his birthday? Dried salmon treats? No. In fact, there is no special food that he would even consider having. He is not into food. What he does want is play. Play, play, and more play, as well as going out into the hall, a very favorite past time, in particular right before we go to bed, as we brush our teeth—this is the time he likes to do the hall thing—one last time for the road! so to speak, right before beddy-bye-time.

* When ice cream is at its most delicious, soft and creamy, after having been left out of the refrigerator, for at least one hour. Haagen dazs would advertise on the container to eat their ice cream in such a way. And so, as with Gaia, after four years of gradual maturing, is at his most deliciousness, and, will only get more delicious as time moves forward!

The Elder and the Kitten

I had two cats for 16 years. One dies. What to do ?

Add a kitten.

I felt this was the right thing to do. But, I also knew I could not just bring just any new kitten into the mix, I had to respect the personality of my 16-year old girl, who is sensitive, sweet, and friendly.

The Elder

Thus, the animal shelter was out. I went to the net and googled cat breeds, looking at personality traits—as the sweetness factor—and found the Ragdoll. This breed led me to discover the Ragamuffin—a cat that is mellow, calm, even tempered, and does well with other pets. I was sold. Luckily I found a breeder that was only one hour away.

The Kitten

We chose a female kitten. Right away she wanted to bond with Ebi, the elder. She tried and still tries today, but alas, it just was not supposed to be.

But, there were other unexpected results. Ebi gained the status of Queen. She relishes being top cat, after being number two all her life. But most important, she is renewed. Luna was a kitten, and kittens behave, well, like, kittens!

Lets get close!

Ebi began to mimic Luna, she raced around the house, played more with her toys, climbed the cat tree—she had not done that in years! And, even played a little with Luna.

The new kitten was a success!  She respected Ebi, which was important, as well as showed Ebi how to be young again!

Baby Gaia

But, alas, poor Luna needed a playmate closer to her age. What to do?

Add a KITTEN !

Hello Gaia, little boy Ragamuffin! We are now one big happy cat family!


Living With Cats—elim·i·nate

What goes in must come out, through the mouth—as described in a previous post—or into a litter box. Cats are meticulous in keeping themselves clean. It would be fair to say that cats appreciate a CLEAN litter box, sans poo, otherwise, it might end up somewhere else in the house.


  1. The mile high pile.
  2. The uncovered gem.
  3. The dig to Cambodia.
  4. The Tripod poop. All 4 feet clinging onto box edge. Must’n get feet dirtied!
  5. Just on the paper outside of the box, never inside.
  6. The treasure hunt. Small nuggets buried throughout the litter box.
  7. The puddle. Seen the next day after binging on tuna fish liquid.
  8. The dangling preposition. Usually only seen on long hair cats.
  9. The Protest. Placed on your pillow as a gift, awaiting you after that two week European vacation.

The best way to dispose of cat waste, kitty litter. SF Chronicle Nancy Davis Kho, Sunday, November 20, 2011:  Because of the concerns about pathogens, cat waste should never be flushed down the toilet; both the East Bay Municipal Utilities District and Recology in San Francisco recommend bagging cat waste and putting it in the garbage can.

Ideally, cats should not be allowed to do their business outdoors, or, if they must, the owner should bag the waste and throw it away. “With outdoor cats in cities, it’s even more likely that they’ll go on a hard surface and it will get washed into the storm-water system,” says Hoover.

When it comes to the litter-box material, Hoover recommends staying away from clay-based litter in favor of biodegradable choices like recycled newspapers and sawdust.

“The biodegradability is a moot point if it’s going to a landfill, where it won’t break down,” Hoover says. The same could be said about the bags used to corral the cat waste before it’s thrown away. “But there is still environmental savings on the production end if it’s made from sustainable materials, or from material that’s being recycled.”

Gaia doing you know what

Living With Cats—re·gurgi·tation

Many, many, years ago, a friend was considering allowing stay-in house privileges to the elderly cat who befriended her. She never had a house cat and asked me what was it like living with cats? Well, following is my first installment to that question.

If you have one cat, you have a 50% guarantee that he will be of the throw-up variety. If you have two cats, your odds will be 100% that one will be offering you bi-monthly to weekly piles throughtout the house.


  1. The Pile. Contained, solid, with well defined boundaries, and a defined shape.
  2. The Spread. A thin, watery veneer spread over a wide swatch of carpet. Also referred to as the invisible slick.
  3. The Hairball. No explanations needed.
  4. The Multi-layered. Originates where pussy was sleeping, cascades down the side of the couch, then pools on the foor/rug.
  5. The stealth. Strategically placed on the path to the bathroom in darkness so you will step into this cold sliminess with bare feet.
  6. The mummy. Discovered when the couch is pulled back, usually hard as a rock.
  7. The in-n-out. In she come then out she goes into the same dish.
  8. The spontaneous. No warning. There she blows!
  9. The anticipatory. Some indications, as if getting up the momentum to send off a really good one. This type allows you some time to race to and grab that newspaper you had hidden under the couch or was it the chair?
  10. The projectile. Always initiating from a high place with the purpose of creating an artistic splatter below.

HOW TO CLEAN UP: A SUGGESTION THAT REALLY DOES THE JOB ON CARPETS AND FURNITURE!!  Developed by my studio neighbor Margaretha who loves cats and has had ample experience in this matter.

The knife method.  The main tools you will be using is a dull knife, preferably a short chief knife, and Nature’s Miracle Just for Cats, which takes care of the smell as well as de-crusting those month old throw-ups that you never saw until now. STEP ONE Scrap in the direction of the pile of the rug depositing as much of the vomit on the blade as possible. Deposit in onto a handy newspaper. Continue until all is removed. STEP TWO Flood the area stained with Nature’s Miracle. Use the knife to move in back and forth into the rug—this will help dislodge any remaining particles. STEP THREE Repeat as in Step One, removing as much liquid as possible. STEP FOUR Blot the area with paper towels to remove any remaining liquid. Voila! The area is now clean for the next time!

Me? I am the OTHER 50%