Must Love Cats . . . TONIGHT !

No more count down! Tonight is the night! 8 pm, Animal Planet !

8 pm Saturday night episode 5 of Must Love Cats

. . . Swimming Cats and Cat Fur Jewels . . .

Host and musician John Fulton, travels down the Pacific Coast Highway in search of crazy cat lovers. In Oregon he meets a woman who is on a crusade to teach kitties how to swim.

In San Francisco he visits a woman who designs jewelry out of her cat’s fur.

Thats ME! and Thats GAIA!

Gaia modeling duplicate necklace made with John Fulton.


Kitty LUV

YES, I love my cat, I LOVE my cats. This neck sculpture expresses love!

I could not sleep one night recently because of Gaia. He has this BAD BOY but endearing habit of wanting to play at 3 am, when I should be in REM sleep. This does not happen every night, but this particular night he was more riled up than usual, and there wasn’t even a full moon! Anyway, even after a little play, a bit of food, and excommunicating him from the bedroom, I could not go back to sleep.

What to do? Use the time to visualized cat hair jewelry! My creative juices got going, resulting in this piece as well as a few others.

A most interesting idea came to mind, at this darkest time of night: bend the neck wire in half. Bending, what I normally keep round, would allow the caged cat hair pendant to hang asymmetrically. When I got to the studio, all was going as I envisioned, until I got to the point of caging the cat hair between the two pieces of chicken wire. As I was matting and felting the cat hair, my fingers began to form the hair from a mass into a heart.

A heart of cat hair! Of course! a symbol of pure love from a cat-aholic!

Gaia LUV

> ‘ ‘ <

L e O R B — The Metamorphosis Of Cat Hair

Or . . .  how the fluff of kitty cat hair got to be an earring.

Just cannot fit into that bed, but who cares!

We start with kitty cat. Here he is in all his glorious fluffiness, trying to stuff himself in a bed too small.

>’ ‘<

>’ ‘<

>’ ‘<

>’ ‘<

The fluff

>’ ‘<

>’ ‘<

>’ ‘<

A hand full of that soft fluff.

One orb.

>’ ‘<

>’ ‘<

>’ ‘<

>’ ‘<

>’ ‘<

The fluff is felted by hand into a small ball of hair. . . . Or Le Orb.

>’ ‘<

After wire wrappings with brass—the final creation. See below.

Count Down . . . 43 Days . . . until Must Love Cats on April 7th !


Snow Full Moon Arising!

February 7, a full moon arising… 

This event takes place each year in the dead of winter. The American Indians sanctified this moon as the moon of snow, the Celts, the moon of ice.

And what do you wear to that full moon celebration? My newest creation of course!

A cluster of snow-white orbs of Gaia’s hair, wire spiraled to keep them in place, then attached to a simple neck wire. The wire is stainless steel, and it shimmers and sparkles like snow on a wintry night, catching the reflective light of the full moon.

Silver Puffs cat hair necklace

Love Token no. 9

A pendant made using my cat’s hair. 

I love my cat, I love my cat, I love my cat… I remember a song from the 80s(?), and it went: I’m so happy my cat’s not dead. I can relate. I want my cats to live forever, but they don’t ! 

The Victorians, during 1800s in England, fashioned the human hair of their beloved into articles of jewelry. It was a way of having a cherished individual close to the heart.

For cat-aholics, who want a beloved feline presence closely felt, there is the cat hair pendant. I crafted this single, double spiraled orb, using brass and stainless steel wire, then attached it to leather strand. A hand full of Gaia’s hair is all it to took to create this three quarters of an inch orb.

Let’s do Earrings!

I have been asked many times: what about creating cat hair earrings?

OK, but how could I make them? I had no idea at first. Then, the solution presented itself. I had spiraled felted cat hair with wire and liked the way it contained and protected the hair. This technique added a wonderful visual interest to the hair orbs that were part of two necklaces I made.

The first pair. I made the earrings using two brass spiraled orbs of cat hair, connected them to each other, one on top of the other, and finally attached the orbs to a fish hook ear wire.  This pair was SOLD before Christmas, and went to a true cat-aholic!, one with SEVEN cats!

My first creation at making earrings with cat hair

The second pair.  I like the elegant simplicity of this one. It consists of a single orb using spiraled stainless steel wire, then attached to a fish hook ear wire.

Cat earrings number two, simple and elegant

Zoron—A Playful Creation

Each cat hair necklace has its own story to tell. This is Zoron’s.

My creative process usually begins at night, just before I go to sleep. In this semi dream state ideas percolate, gradually forming and transforming into a visual image. Zorn’s story is different. It begins with an inspiration but without any direction on how it would come to be.

First.  My initial inspiration came from an image of a broach I saw constructed of tangled, angled wire. I liked this piece because of its dimensionality. Then I pondered what it would be like to create something similar using cat hair puffs. I put this thought aside for a few months.

I finally begin. Using a spool of 20 gage brass wire, I begin forming one long piece of wire. First, I form it into a small square, then, another a little bigger, then, a bigger one, etc., and then, reverse the process, finishing with a small square. The final look is an accordion like jumble of squares that flare out dimensionally. But now what? How to proceed?

Out of nowhere. The next day I begin again but not where I had left off. I still didn’t know what to do but this is a new moment, different from the previous day. I begin to play with the wire shape in my hands. How could I integrate the hair puffs within the tangle of wire? An idea emerges…

The solution. I spiral wire 3 hair puffs, leaving wire tails. Then, I use the tails to secure the puffs within the wired mass, which also gives rigidity to the structure.

Gaia modeling Zoron