The Cat, The Jewels, and His Audience…UPDATE!

Extreme Pet Owners: ‘Anderson’ Takes a Look at ‘Cat Jewelry’  ……………….. click on blue link above to view video.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012 

John Fulton, host of Animal Planet’s “Must Love Cats,” appeared on “Anderson” to talk about “cat jewelry” made of real cat hair — created by Flora Davis, a cat lover from San Francisco.

Anderson explained, “This is balls of hair with wire around it.”

Fulton added, “Yeah, this is all from one cat!”

Anderson turned to the audience and asked if anyone wanted to try on the cat jewelry. Would you wear cat jewelry?

The Vote is IN … Yes. It’s cat-tastic!–54%          No. Me-ouch. –45%

And what does Gaia think about all this? His response? Hey! What’s all the fuss about?

Anderson Cooper? Who’s That?! or, things are heating up again.

YES. Anderson Cooper’s National Daytime Talk Show!

Received email . . . from Adam at Etsy, URGENT, I’ve been contacted by a producer from Anderson Cooper’s national daytime program, ANDERSON. They asked me to help get in touch with you for a potential story. If you’re interested, please let me know, and contact her ASAP! 

Of course I was interested! But me, I don’t watch much TV or cable? forget about it! And, who is this person anyway, or this show ? I had no idea. After Googling away, OK, I now know more: this IS national TV!

One little, two little, three little cat hair ornaments, off to the Big Apple!

After emails and phone calls back and forth to New York, I found myself FEDXing priority overnight, of all things—set me back $77.00!—2 necklaces and 1 pair of earrings, to be shown on the show.

I normally don’t sweat, but somehow all this was making me a tad nervous and excited at the same time. I won’t physically be on the show—John Fulton of Must Love Cats will be featured—but, as a video clip, along with 3 examples of my cat hair jewelry. Filming is for this Tuesday, air date not set yet.

Caged orbs, cat hair earrings.

Silver Puffs, cat hair necklace.

Out of this world, Zoron, cat hair necklace.

> ” <

ADVERTISE that cat hair jewelry GIRL!

The buzz has definitely slowed on cat hair jewelry.

It has been over a year since my cat hair jewelry found its way to the internet. I have a steady stream of traffic to my Etsy site, not a lot, but more than previously.

So, what to do? … Try a little advertising! I chose Catsparella. I like the site, it is all about cats and the ad won’t put me in debt. First step—revamped my Etsy site to showcase just cat hair jewelry. Then, make the ad. That was the hard. I wanted a binky ad and I never made one before. After “googling” how to make an animated image, then fooling around in Photoshop — voila! — a few hours later, I had my ad!

And the traffic? it has picked up, still not a lot, but it is a beginning!

Count Down … 52 Days … until … Must Love Cats!

Would you believe?…SALES!

I had my shop on Etsy for less than a year and only one item sold—a card—for $12 and to a friend. There were lots of my metallic microsculptures on view but only four cat hair necklaces.

Out of the blue it happened, a SALE!  And not one of my metallic necklaces BUT one of my quirky but elegant cat hair necklaces!!! The necklace was the second piece I made from cat hair and it sold to a lady in the Bay Area for $130. This happened at the end of June.

Then, another SALE!! On October 1st, the day after the TODAY Show’s “Things That Make You Go Hmm”, I sold not the featured necklace, but this beautiful necklace to a lady in Indiana for $220.

AND Another!!!  On November 4th the featured necklace on the TODAY show sold to a lady in Michigan, it’s price—$95.

Thanks internet!——————Because there IS a market for jewelry made from cat hair and metal! 

Keep it Weird—A Hairy Tale

There is attraction and repulsion to the unusual.

In the beginning of June, Etsy had a post on its blog called Keep it Weird: Cat Lady, and “Caged” hair puff necklace was featured. Next came Catsparella (which featured a nice post with pictures), Modern Cat, and Laughing Squid. Then an article in Wired UK, which contributed to the cat hair jewelry phenomenon going viral.

The comments to the jewelry went from one extreme to the other—creepy to awesome.

Some Hair History— hair jewelry was the height of the romanticism and sentiment that characterized the Victorian era. Some pieces were done as mourning pieces or “momento mori”.  While some may find this morbid, for the Victorians death was a common and accepted part of everyday life especially due to the higher infant mortality rate of the time, and the devastation of the Civil War. Hair jewelry was not always mourning jewelry, however, as it was also crafted as love tokens from sweethearts, family members and cherished friends.

It is interesting to note that when hair is on the head, we take pride in it, and the same could be said for hair on an animal, it usually evokes a pleasant experience.                 BUT, once it leaves it roots, aversion can set in and take over.

Cat hair “puff” necklace Redux

I am a CAT lover and artist and I also make jewelry. And some of that jewelry happens to contain cat hair.

After realizing that the feedback my first cat hair necklace received was mixed, and after getting positive mail on Etsy from individuals interested in buying a necklace, I made another.

Whenever you do something different, not everyone is going to get it. But those who do will love it.

So I posted this necklace on February 5, 2011 with a more reasonable price tag—$130.

Then I waited….

Cat hair Necklace no.2

$1,000 cat hair necklace?!

Mid 2010 I joined ETSY in hope of selling my sculptural metallic jewelry. Well, finding my shop was like searching for a needle in a hay stack. I was invisible. What could I do to bring traffic? Something fun and outrageous.

I wanted to show off my new cat hair necklace, but I did not want to sell it: it was to precious with meaning.  I posted it with a high price so nobody could buy it and waited. Within 2 days I went from 3 hits a day to 250, then 500, then 1,000 then over 2,500!!!

Where were these people coming from? For the most part, REGRETSY. And what a nasty snarky site! After two weeks I pulled the image off Etsy after reading so many negative comments about Gaia and me on Regresty. To say the least I was disheartened.

I am an ailurophile!

I realized I needed to step back, and regroup, before I could stand up again and say: “Damn right I am a cat lover!”

Gaia’s necklace no. One