Z Z Zzz zZZ Z Z z

His turban’s off and now he sleeps

With mind awake not counting sheep

He’s thinking, thinking what to make

So please be still so he won’t wake.

Oh Gaia, Gaia let me know

If there’s some way that you can show

What were you thinking, help me here

Just whisper gently in my ear.


gaia-no-jewelry-no—it’s Luna’s SHOW!

It’s Earth day and my birthday–Mew

And time I got what I was due!

You’ve hogged the show, now let me through

It’s Luna’s day so won’t you SHOO!

I’ll take the cake and presents too

With tuna frosting please, thank you!

Minolta DSC

5 but going on 2!

It’s party time and that means play!

The cake? the treats? that’s not his feast

It’s fun he craves, this silly beast

He’ll race the house, he’s down right wild

As if he were a manic child!

With toys and things he’ll dance and twist

But there’s one thing that can’t be missed.

The hall—With shrieks of joy, he will insist

Open up that door!—can i resist?

There pleasures lurk we find mundane

But smells and sounds are his terrain.

Out, out he goes, to roam and sniff

I’m glad he loves his birthday gift!

Minolta DSC

the thinking turban

What’s next? What’s next…

Must i be so vexed?

Please help me Mew

Without a diddle do

To think this through.

Voila! The thinking turban!

Betwixt his ears, a bit askew

It sits, this relic from CAThmandu.

Me thinks that it shall do!

And Mew, so lavishly festooned

It’s up to you

So please stay tuned!