The Vortex of Vor—A story in Twelve Parts . . . 7 of 12

And the tale continues . . .

>’’<          >’’<          >’’<          >’’<

In a flutter of a heart beat the motion slowed down. Where was she now? And what did she find? A new place! But how could this be? And safe? I guess she shall see. It was somewhere but nowhere and everywhere it seemed! She felt for her kitty, but kitty was not in her arms! “All alone, oh no! and my kitty she’s gone!” But no, that was not so, there were voices and song, from the outer reaches of space, as well as next to her face, voices calling out to her sweetly, soothing and strong.

In her confusion, without kitty she flung out her arms, grasping for something, anything to latch onto—there was nothing. Nothing at all! No hands! No arms! No body! All, all, gone!

She squeezed her eyes tightly, not wanting to peek, in case she might freak! “Oh please take a peek, you’re in for a treat!” the melodious voices did speak. She tweaked an eye open, just barely a slit, and what did she find? Spirals of stardust, sparkling and shimmering, coiling and spinning, replacing her body, her arms!

>’’<          >’’<          >’’<          >’’<

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