The Vortex of Vor—A story in Twelve Parts . . . 5 of 12

And the tale continues . . .

>’’<          >’’<          >’’<          >’’<

KA-BLAM! Stars splashed across the blackness, at dizzying speeds, first zillions, then godzillions, all at once, it so seemed. To the left they assaulted her, and again to the right! then above! and below! oh, this did not feel right! And now, even closer the stars gathered around, crowding and pushing from all directions, squeezing her so small, so round. And now there she was, all alone with them in this night, no bigger than dust on a pinhead, and so overwhelmed by this sight! Next fear—that dagger, kept carefully hidden in a box—it’s cold fingers reached out, like a sly winter fox, and took hold of her still beating heart! She lost her direction, her desire to dream, and began to free fall, and that was not all, she felt she could soon disappear forever, as quick as a puff! “Oh kitty cat where are you? this all is too much!”

“But kitty! Oh kitty! she’s still in my arms!” She came to the rescue, oh how she did charm, a fear that’s so ancient, and yet not at all then takes a deep breath, no longer alarmed.

“Oh kitty, yes kitty, I melt into you, you helped me let go, to something, and nothing, and you!”

>’’<          >’’<          >’’<          >’’<

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