Galactic Alignment

FIVE little kitty cat hair orbs in a row.

As Gaia goes into play mode at 3 am — but isn’t he still a kitten? I keep telling my husband, as he lies next to me, wondering when this kitten thing is going to stop, and stop soon, I hope, and yet Gaia doesn’t do this every night — my creative juices get going, out of desperation? or because I can’t sleep? am I in sync with Gaia’s energy? creating is also playing? isn’t it not? And so, this necklace evolved, out of that bleary, spacey, semiconsciousness, where I go, during those sleepless nights, when Gaia is in full play mode, and I, in my creative mode.

And here we have that midnight creation, consisting of 5 little cat hair puffs, fitting snuggly up to each other, that rotate on their own orbit, when manipulated gently, each exposing its own unique orbital face.

Count Down . . . 20 Days . . . then Gaia and Flora’s segment airs on Animal Planet’s Must Love Cats !

>’ ‘<


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