The Elder and the Kitten

I had two cats for 16 years. One dies. What to do ?

Add a kitten.

I felt this was the right thing to do. But, I also knew I could not just bring just any new kitten into the mix, I had to respect the personality of my 16-year old girl, who is sensitive, sweet, and friendly.

The Elder

Thus, the animal shelter was out. I went to the net and googled cat breeds, looking at personality traits—as the sweetness factor—and found the Ragdoll. This breed led me to discover the Ragamuffin—a cat that is mellow, calm, even tempered, and does well with other pets. I was sold. Luckily I found a breeder that was only one hour away.

The Kitten

We chose a female kitten. Right away she wanted to bond with Ebi, the elder. She tried and still tries today, but alas, it just was not supposed to be.

But, there were other unexpected results. Ebi gained the status of Queen. She relishes being top cat, after being number two all her life. But most important, she is renewed. Luna was a kitten, and kittens behave, well, like, kittens!

Lets get close!

Ebi began to mimic Luna, she raced around the house, played more with her toys, climbed the cat tree—she had not done that in years! And, even played a little with Luna.

The new kitten was a success!  She respected Ebi, which was important, as well as showed Ebi how to be young again!

Baby Gaia

But, alas, poor Luna needed a playmate closer to her age. What to do?

Add a KITTEN !

Hello Gaia, little boy Ragamuffin! We are now one big happy cat family!



2 thoughts on “The Elder and the Kitten

  1. Hello, Chloe. Congrats for this website, and for your art. I’d like to know what happened with Ebi after the second kitten was added to the mix. Do the 2 annoy Ebi too much? Is she “defensive”, like hissing as if she wasn’t safe at home anymore? Do they get along? Looking back, was it the best idea? 🙂

    • Ebi died two years ago after living a very full life. She was 20 years old. The two younger cats pretty much left Ebi alone, in fact she loved watching them run and play. Her new role was Queen and if those youngsters tried to bother her she would just swat them back into obedience! And, they obeyed! Yes, looking back it was a good idea. Ebi gained a new status as dominate cat. She also became more playful. I believe the reason this mix worked was because I just did not bring any kitten home to Ebi. I researched the personalities of cat breeds, then brought home the Ragamuffin because of its gentle nature and ability to get along with other animals.

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