What do I do when I need more cat hair? Oh, I get by with a little help from my friend!

Mmm, I’m gonna try with a little help from my friend, with a little help from my FRIEND!   LUNA  GIRL ! ! !

So you want my hair too??

I need your help Miss Luna, my first RagaMuffin love and Gaia’s housemate, for my next project!

THE MAKING OF MR. TUBULAR. I wanted to make, what I call, the tubular style of cat hair necklace for sometime, but was afraid it might be a risky design for cyber space. The inspiration was Gaia. His body shape is somewhat tubular from out stretched tail to head, as seen from above. But, this endeavor would also take a lot more cat hair, months of grooming Gaia, for the quantity I needed.

Mr Tubular ambling toward the front door

With Luna’s Help I accumulate the hair I need. I have to groom her too! Grooming now begins in ernest. (note: Luna’s is silky-soft and dense and Gaia’s hair is super-soft and cloud-like)

Two Months later… I have enough hair, mounds of hair! I take the hair to my studio, retrieve the mental sketch I had stored in my brain, and began forming the tubes of cat hair that constitute the structure of the necklace. I construct the hair tubes first using Luna’s hair, then, wrap the outside with Gaia’s supper soft hair. I finish the design with four wire spiraled hair puffs.

The finished necklace: Mr Tubular.

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