Le String

Gaia’s favorite toy…as of December 2011

I don’t know about other cat-alolics, but in our cat household we have a basketful of cat toys. They are added to periodily: at Christmas, birthdays, or just for the fun of giving those cats a new toy. But alas, most spend their time in the toy box, unused, or interest lost.

Cats are like 2 year olds. They want NEW! NEW! NEW!  And yet, there are a few old stand-bys that seem to never loose appeal:

  • The paper shopping bag
  • The plastic bag (with handles sniped off, of course)
  • The buzzing bee or fly
  • An unlucky spider that ventured in
  • Newspapers on the floor
  • A crunched ball of paper
  • A shoe lace or STRING of any kind

Le String. This past December a string, a little more than an ordinary string, ventured into the house. And, it is a pretty string, gold and sparkly. Both cats simply LOVE the NEW string! But kitties, I ask them, what about this other string? this one from the toy box? No. They want, they desire, the NEW string.

And the new string it is! But my arm, my shoulder, is getting a work out flinging that string. So I attached it, with a rubber band, to a thin bamboo stick, the kind an orchid is tied to.

Why do I bother to buy them toys! when then ones they like the best don’t cost a red cent!

The string toy, for now, until the next best thing

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