Love Token no. 9

A pendant made using my cat’s hair. 

I love my cat, I love my cat, I love my cat… I remember a song from the 80s(?), and it went: I’m so happy my cat’s not dead. I can relate. I want my cats to live forever, but they don’t ! 

The Victorians, during 1800s in England, fashioned the human hair of their beloved into articles of jewelry. It was a way of having a cherished individual close to the heart.

For cat-aholics, who want a beloved feline presence closely felt, there is the cat hair pendant. I crafted this single, double spiraled orb, using brass and stainless steel wire, then attached it to leather strand. A hand full of Gaia’s hair is all it to took to create this three quarters of an inch orb.

Living With Cats—elim·i·nate

What goes in must come out, through the mouth—as described in a previous post—or into a litter box. Cats are meticulous in keeping themselves clean. It would be fair to say that cats appreciate a CLEAN litter box, sans poo, otherwise, it might end up somewhere else in the house.


  1. The mile high pile.
  2. The uncovered gem.
  3. The dig to Cambodia.
  4. The Tripod poop. All 4 feet clinging onto box edge. Must’n get feet dirtied!
  5. Just on the paper outside of the box, never inside.
  6. The treasure hunt. Small nuggets buried throughout the litter box.
  7. The puddle. Seen the next day after binging on tuna fish liquid.
  8. The dangling preposition. Usually only seen on long hair cats.
  9. The Protest. Placed on your pillow as a gift, awaiting you after that two week European vacation.

The best way to dispose of cat waste, kitty litter. SF Chronicle Nancy Davis Kho, Sunday, November 20, 2011:  Because of the concerns about pathogens, cat waste should never be flushed down the toilet; both the East Bay Municipal Utilities District and Recology in San Francisco recommend bagging cat waste and putting it in the garbage can.

Ideally, cats should not be allowed to do their business outdoors, or, if they must, the owner should bag the waste and throw it away. “With outdoor cats in cities, it’s even more likely that they’ll go on a hard surface and it will get washed into the storm-water system,” says Hoover.

When it comes to the litter-box material, Hoover recommends staying away from clay-based litter in favor of biodegradable choices like recycled newspapers and sawdust.

“The biodegradability is a moot point if it’s going to a landfill, where it won’t break down,” Hoover says. The same could be said about the bags used to corral the cat waste before it’s thrown away. “But there is still environmental savings on the production end if it’s made from sustainable materials, or from material that’s being recycled.”

Gaia doing you know what

What do I do when I need more cat hair? Oh, I get by with a little help from my friend!

Mmm, I’m gonna try with a little help from my friend, with a little help from my FRIEND!   LUNA  GIRL ! ! !

So you want my hair too??

I need your help Miss Luna, my first RagaMuffin love and Gaia’s housemate, for my next project!

THE MAKING OF MR. TUBULAR. I wanted to make, what I call, the tubular style of cat hair necklace for sometime, but was afraid it might be a risky design for cyber space. The inspiration was Gaia. His body shape is somewhat tubular from out stretched tail to head, as seen from above. But, this endeavor would also take a lot more cat hair, months of grooming Gaia, for the quantity I needed.

Mr Tubular ambling toward the front door

With Luna’s Help I accumulate the hair I need. I have to groom her too! Grooming now begins in ernest. (note: Luna’s is silky-soft and dense and Gaia’s hair is super-soft and cloud-like)

Two Months later… I have enough hair, mounds of hair! I take the hair to my studio, retrieve the mental sketch I had stored in my brain, and began forming the tubes of cat hair that constitute the structure of the necklace. I construct the hair tubes first using Luna’s hair, then, wrap the outside with Gaia’s supper soft hair. I finish the design with four wire spiraled hair puffs.

The finished necklace: Mr Tubular.

Le String

Gaia’s favorite toy…as of December 2011

I don’t know about other cat-alolics, but in our cat household we have a basketful of cat toys. They are added to periodily: at Christmas, birthdays, or just for the fun of giving those cats a new toy. But alas, most spend their time in the toy box, unused, or interest lost.

Cats are like 2 year olds. They want NEW! NEW! NEW!  And yet, there are a few old stand-bys that seem to never loose appeal:

  • The paper shopping bag
  • The plastic bag (with handles sniped off, of course)
  • The buzzing bee or fly
  • An unlucky spider that ventured in
  • Newspapers on the floor
  • A crunched ball of paper
  • A shoe lace or STRING of any kind

Le String. This past December a string, a little more than an ordinary string, ventured into the house. And, it is a pretty string, gold and sparkly. Both cats simply LOVE the NEW string! But kitties, I ask them, what about this other string? this one from the toy box? No. They want, they desire, the NEW string.

And the new string it is! But my arm, my shoulder, is getting a work out flinging that string. So I attached it, with a rubber band, to a thin bamboo stick, the kind an orchid is tied to.

Why do I bother to buy them toys! when then ones they like the best don’t cost a red cent!

The string toy, for now, until the next best thing