Certificate of Authenticity


Basically it’s a signed guarantee. And I make one for each cat necklace I sell.

I do not use just any old cat’s hair to create my cat hair jewelry—no strays, no hair collected from pet hospitals, no hair from friends cats or loose “cat hair dust bunnies” floating around the house. I use instead only the brushed hair from my purebred RagaMuffin Gaia (and later Luna).

Both kitties are indoor only animals. Therefore, no fleas or detritus are brought in from the outdoors. Both cats are good groomers, resulting in pleasantly smelling kitty cat hair—the kind of hair an ailurophile loves to stick their noise into, especially that wonderful belly hair!

The certificate also states: other materials the necklace was made from, that I made it, when it was made, as well as being signed and dated.