Zoron—A Playful Creation

Each cat hair necklace has its own story to tell. This is Zoron’s.

My creative process usually begins at night, just before I go to sleep. In this semi dream state ideas percolate, gradually forming and transforming into a visual image. Zorn’s story is different. It begins with an inspiration but without any direction on how it would come to be.

First.  My initial inspiration came from an image of a broach I saw constructed of tangled, angled wire. I liked this piece because of its dimensionality. Then I pondered what it would be like to create something similar using cat hair puffs. I put this thought aside for a few months.

I finally begin. Using a spool of 20 gage brass wire, I begin forming one long piece of wire. First, I form it into a small square, then, another a little bigger, then, a bigger one, etc., and then, reverse the process, finishing with a small square. The final look is an accordion like jumble of squares that flare out dimensionally. But now what? How to proceed?

Out of nowhere. The next day I begin again but not where I had left off. I still didn’t know what to do but this is a new moment, different from the previous day. I begin to play with the wire shape in my hands. How could I integrate the hair puffs within the tangle of wire? An idea emerges…

The solution. I spiral wire 3 hair puffs, leaving wire tails. Then, I use the tails to secure the puffs within the wired mass, which also gives rigidity to the structure.

Gaia modeling Zoron

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