Knock Knock…Who’s there?…Animal Planet!!!


My name is Tristyn Sackmary and I’m an associate producer for the Animal Planet TV show called “Must Love Cats.” I am interested in learning more about your cat hair jewelry… I wanted to inquire to see if you would be interested in participating in our show. 

Yes I was interested!!! And August 30 was the date the crew would come to both the apartment in San Francisco and then to my art studio.

Gaia had no idea what was up. I kept it a secret from him so he would not get too nervous or too excited—he does have a habit of knowing how to steal the show! Well I was NOT OK! I was having trouble sleeping as the days grew nearer. In particular I was worried over one thing: host John Fulton and I would be making a necklace together in my studio. I decided not to leave this to chance. I worked out an idea then pre-made the pieces to save time, like they probably do on those cooking shows on TV.


THEY ARRIVED AT THE APARTMENT Boy was I nervous! I had never been filmed or on TV. And I would not see the finished product until it aired in 2012! So I made a choice, be nervous or have fun. OK, lets have FUN with this!

The whole process lasted ALL DAY! They started filming at 9:30 am and finished at 6:00 that evening. The filming method was spontaneous—no script, just improvise and deliver extemporaneously.

John Fulton wrote a song for Gaia called “Crafty Kitty.” He played it both on his guitar and on David’s piano. And Gaia was great, he was a star! So mellow and friendly even with six strangers in the house. He was brushed and held and followed around with a camera. John kept asking “what does Gaia get from this?”—referring to my use of his cat hair to make the jewelry. My response was more hall privileges! He does love to go out in that hall at least twice a day.

THEN OFF TO THE STUDIO We formed a car caravan, drove through San Francisco rush hour traffic, and luckily found parking for 3 cars in a row. There John and I “co-produced” a cat hair necklace. Then we were done. I was exhausted and drained. I was so tired I felt like a zombie. And that night I could not sleep. My mind kept processing and reprocessing that whole day over and over and over again. The whole event seemed so surreal. Did it really happen?!



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