The “Becoming” of a Necklace

How Spiraled Cat Hair Puffs came to be.

This post is about my creative process—my thinking and nonthinking as I come up with an idea for a necklace.

It starts with an urge—a knowing, a desire to create something. It then expresses itself as: OK, I’am ready to make something! Next, I literally sleep on this urge, allowing its energy to formulate images in my mind just before I go to sleep. I don’t do drawings. What I do instead is draw with my mind, visualizing how the microsculptural cat necklace will look. I will do this for a few nights, then go to the next stage, which is to draw forth the mental images into its physicalness.

Then on to the studio. The process above led me to the visual idea of constructing a necklace with a cluster of cat hair puffs.

Cat hair puffs necklace in process

At my studio I drew out a quick sketch of my mental images. The drawing included a strand made from 2 pieces of leather with a hanging cluster of hair puffs. I went to work. First, I made the two strands, hiding wire inside so they would keep a curved shape when worn. Yet, I was not quite sure how to construct the cluster or for that matter, how to attach it. So, I played around with some ideas by closing my eyes then visualizing possible constructions. This process led me to remember my brass Spiraled Hairball necklace and how I spiraled wire to contain the hair puffs. I went to work again, spiraling each puff with copper wire and leaving an excess “tail” for attaching to the strand. At this point I was unsure how I would be able to do this.

The necklace is completed. After working, and then reworking possible ideas, I figured out the final construction details—and here it is below.

Finished Spiral Puffs Cat hair Necklace


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