Raw Turkey

It seems like eons ago that I started cooking for my cats. In the meantime I switched from cooking to un-cooking or a predominately RAW diet.

My first subjects, Ebi and Uni, were about 6 years old when I shifted their diet away from the quality canned + dry diet they grew up on. The new diet did not go over very well at first. They fussed, they protested, they hunger-striked. Uni finally got the hang of it but Ebi was still resisting. I felt something was up when Ebi was insisting on going out in the hall more urgently each am and pm. Hall visits were a regular routine anyway, allowing them a diversion to check out noises and smells. Anyway, I caught Ebi sneaking behind a folding screen that I had set up in the hall to store items behind, one being an unopened bag of kibble. And there she was! She was eating from a hole she had chewed and ripped into the top of the bag!! That ended and she finally got to loving her new food.

Ebi is now almost 21 years old and is now eating a RAW diet with gusto!

Uni and Ebi eating a home coked dinner

A RAW FOOD DIET FOR CATS that contains grains and some vegetables is closer to what a cat in the wild would have eaten. And they would have eaten rodents and birds which have some sort of vegetable/grain in their stomachs. In the past cats were workers, as were dogs. On the farm or in the city, it was the cat’s job to catch the rodents before they entered the stored grain in the barn or our homes. Those cats probably enjoyed fresh cream and table scraps as well as a treat. The change over to canned food happened in the 1880’s, (think of the industrial revolution) with a company named Spratt with it’s Patented Cat Food. 

mixed pot of raw food

stacked in freezer

I was going to include my recipe but then I thought it might be too much work for most people. And, besides, you can order raw cat food online or pick it up at a supermarket such as Whole Foods. If you live in San Francisco, Jeffrey’s makes an excellent product.

Gaia Eating his Raw Turkey dinner


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