Beyond the string of “pearls”

Enough of stringing rounded puffs of cat hair into necklaces!  They might be elegant but now I was ready to go artistic with Gaia’s hair!

The following piece’s inspiration was a sculpture I made using galvanized steel mesh.         I constructed a narrow box out of the mesh then closed it with brass wire. But before I did I placed 4 cat hair puffs inside. I named it “Caged”, a hip little number appropriately worn with a T and jeans.

Caged, March 2011

Gaia is fascinated by soap bubbles that are blown in the air and so my fourth microsculpture is in homage to his love of bubbles. It is constructed using wired leather that branches outward and upward, each branch point then topped with a cat hair puff. I envisioned wearing this one over a simple but elegant black v-neck dress to that gala artistic event.

Bubbles, June 2011


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