$1,000 cat hair necklace?!

Mid 2010 I joined ETSY in hope of selling my sculptural metallic jewelry. Well, finding my shop was like searching for a needle in a hay stack. I was invisible. What could I do to bring traffic? Something fun and outrageous.

I wanted to show off my new cat hair necklace, but I did not want to sell it: it was to precious with meaning.  I posted it with a high price so nobody could buy it and waited. Within 2 days I went from 3 hits a day to 250, then 500, then 1,000 then over 2,500!!!

Where were these people coming from? For the most part, REGRETSY. And what a nasty snarky site! After two weeks I pulled the image off Etsy after reading so many negative comments about Gaia and me on Regresty. To say the least I was disheartened.

I am an ailurophile!

I realized I needed to step back, and regroup, before I could stand up again and say: “Damn right I am a cat lover!”

Gaia’s necklace no. One


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